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Dear Shopping Club Member,

It is with regret that we are temporarily suspending the Shopping Club due to our supplier of cards and vouchers suspending supply for some of the retailers we offer through the service. We are currently working through orders received after the 28th of August to establish if they have been fulfilled. All orders that have not been fulfilled the card used to place the order will be refunded back with the value of your order. We hope to have made all refunds by the 7th of October.

All members who have cashback in accounts over the value of £5 will be contacted by phone or email to request a bank account number and sort code to enable us to transfer their cashback balance.

We have already established a new supplier for both reloadable cards and vouchers and will be launching an all new Shopping Club shortly. When this is available you will receive an invite to set up a new account if you wish to continue using the service.

We are sorry for the action we have been forced to take but please be assured that your money is not at risk and you will be refunded and any cashback accrued over £5 will be paid.

The Shopping Club Customer Services